Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi!  Welcome to my blog about my journey through the vast world of baking and most importantly DECORATING!!  I absolutely love making a cupcake, cake, or cookie look like the thought in my head. 

I was asked to begin a blog by my mom due to she and her friends not being able to see my latest creations because of not being on Facebook.  It has taken me a while to get this up and running, but finally I am able to share my goodies with people that I couldn't before.  I look foward to all of the new comments and constructive criticism from the new fans of Fresh Baked!

I'm not exactly sure where I'm headed with this blog, whether it be educational, just sharing pics, or a little of both but I'm excited to get it started and the fun begins NOW!!

P.S.....  Feel free to become a follower of this blog and spread the word!!  ;o)


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