Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cookier's Spring Fling Day 2 (Part 2)

So after lunch, Ali of Ali Bee's Bake Shop taught us the art of brushed embroidery.  We were given 2 of her favorite brushes to use and were able to practice the technique on pre-iced cookies.  This technique was fun and easy to do and, with a little practice, could look so elegant! 

Ali, me, and Callye!!

After our time with Ali, we cleared our cookies from the table and Callye of The Adventures of Sweet Sugar Belle talked to us about thinking outside of the box and looking for inspiration in magazines and every day life.  She also talked about using cutters in a way that they weren't made for.  For example, I turned a onsie cutter upside down and it doubled as a frog. 

Before wrappping up, we presented the instructors with aprons that we had all signed previously in the day.  Once this photo op occured, everyone joined in to catch a shot!  The instructors found this to be funny and requested a shot of their fans!   

The day ended and we were on our own for dinner.  After a delicious dinner and some much needed caffiene, Kate and I decided that we just could not pass up our first, and probably only, opportunity to see Thunder Over Louisville!  We headed to the water front to the edge of the Ohio River to view the beautiful display of the largest fireworks show in the North America.  Kate and I were on the interstate and the excitement was building as we could see colors changing above the tree line with an occasional colored sparks.  We finally found a baseball field to park at and walk to our final destination because the police had major roads blocked off.  I jumped out, snapped this shot and we started to walk.  About 1000 feet from the car, we realized we could no longer hear any booms in the sky and traffic had begun to pick up towards our direction......   Yes... WE MISSED THE SHOW!!!!!  Here is my one lonely picture.

This concludes Day 2!  Stay tuned for the final day of the Cookier's Spring Fling!!!


Cristin (Pinkie) said...

I can't even tell you how excited I get when I see a post about the Spring Fling! I get my face super close to the computer monitor and a huge grin on my face and soak it all up! I bet you gals are having a blast and I'm so happy for you and SO wish I was there! Thanks for sharing Jamie!

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